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Learn how to get negative accounts deleted from your credit report with our 7 steps to a 720 system. Learn how to live your best life with free travel, free gas, free groceries even get cash back every time you spend money.



All fees are included in our partner program.  There is a one time enrollment fee of $250 which is billed 5 days after your audit. Deletions are $50 per credit bureau or $75/month with 3-5 disputes/month.

Please be advised that no company can promise to delete all negatives.  If you are the rightful owner who has defaulted on an account and the account provider can validate they followed all the laws according to the FDCPA, as well as, the credit bureaus validating they followed all the FCRA  laws our final resolution will be to negotiate a pay for deletion which is up to the discretion of the lender.

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