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How To Start A Private Practice!

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For professionals in the counseling world, especially for beginners, you maybe wondering how to start a business. You may be wondering what do you do to get yourself out there? And ultimately, you may be wondering how & where do I start, or simply much to charge for your services?

We say, when it comes to charging a fee, if you feel uncomfortable about the price you are about to charge, then submit the RFQ (request for quote) anyway. Especially, after you have factored in all cost & time investments it will take to deliver your service. You have to realize that your are worth the investment to your client and you have bills to pay.

Think about it. If you are a degreed, state-licensed therapist and/or counselor, then you have invested money into yourself to have nationally recognized letters behind your name. Unless you were born with a spoon in your mouth, then you borrowed the money to obtain a bachelors, masters, and/or doctor’s degree (in some cases all three degree levels) from an accredited school.

This means that you are head over heels in college debt. And that’s not even mentioning the CEU’s that you obtain to stay ahead of the curve or the next blast of disorders that will be coming down the pipeline via the DSM. You have to pay these loans back someday. So, its time to take control & understand your worth.

Being in the helping profession also does not help too. Let’s face it, you genuinely feel that if your client has a life altering disorder you are not going to ask him or her for a $350 per hour retainer fee. It may not feel right. And I totally understand. Through my personal research and a connection with my wife (who is a professional counselor) I have found that there are other ways around it.

We have a client who has a her bachelor’s in English, Masters in School Counseling, & has obtained her state letters, LAC. And man, I tell you, all the acronyms! Everything from LPC to LCSW or LSW, MAT, to LMAT. Now, I know I messed up some acronyms, but you get my point. Your profession is heavily involved in providing mental comfort for men, women, children and families. Without the proper guidance it is more stressful to learn the business of delivering your services. I’ve helped her understand her value & how she can deliver the services she wants to offer.

What is vital to your business is knowing how to set up your business, the sales process, marketing, branding, & promoting yourself. To get a better understanding on how to do these crazy things, then leave a comment or email us at or you can book a free consultation here!

In closing, do not go at this alone. Get the right guidance and the proper assistance in setting up your business practice. What ever you do, take your time.

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