How Do You Define Marketing?

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How Do You Define Marketing?

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Marketing is how a message is conveyed to consumers in a market to pursuade or urge towards purchasing a product or service. This is what I say when I am asked this question. This definition maybe too simple for those who want or expect the definition of marketing to be a complex answer. Well, like Harry Osborne said to Peter Parker in the Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie, “I don’t do complicated”.

Marketing should not be complicated to any one business owner. Complications may force you as a business owner to put complications to the side or never deal with it again. This is how you deal with the complexity of marketing if you feel it’s complex. Step 1: research the consumer who will buy your product or service. Step 2: figure out how the consumer finds your service or product. Whether it be digital or print advertising,  social media, events, or search engines like Google. Step 3: develop your message that caters to your consumers profile (or buying habits)   and put it thru the channels that the consumer surfs.

Marketing is an essential lifeline to any service or product and could make or break your bottom line. Marketing is simple, but complex without a plan to market or gain the market share that you are looking for. With that said, Marketing takes practice, persistence, and promise to deliver to the consumer. How do you define Marketing?

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