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5 Keys To Successful Management

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As a business owner, a husband, a father, a friend, brother & a student the word “management” means a lot to me right now. Balancing these departments of life has is very crucial to growth in all areas. But not everyone is good at managing or for the most part know how to manage. Some may think it’s about telling people what to do, it’s just a title, or its about just kicking back & letting people do the work & the manager does nothing. If you think it’s about being lazy, then you are setting yourself, business,  relationships, & other departments of your life up for failure.

So, in order to effectively manage life or business obstacles planning & research must be done to obtain information to know if said project can be completed or not. You must forsee the future by analyzing the past & understand that a change is needed to improve the situation IF it’s broke. Adhering, staying on track to business & personal goals, & keeping progress notes is a must. An effective manager must know the process at hand, be realistic, leave room for risks & mishaps. Most importantly, know your team. Do not hire or assign a job/task to someone who is not passionate for it & does not want to do the job/task at hand. Bluntly speaking, hire the right person for the job & know what motivates that person.

Learning, understanding, & knowing what is going on from a birds eye perspective is key for all parties involved to know all roles & expectations are understood. In conclusion my 5 points of becoming an effective manager are: (1) know your goals, (2) know the risk  (positive & negative) involved, (3) Measurement is key, (4) Leave room for adjustments, & (5) Employ/assign/hire the right person/company for the job.

This is just a snippet of what managing is all about. Your Sports, Entertainment, & Business Consultant signing off. #DoItTheSpecsWay!

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